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Home Decorators

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Home Decorator Home Decorator Collection Home Decorator Outlet Home Decorators Collection Outlet Home Decorators Collection Outlet – Healthy Homes
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Your home is your pride and joy.  You’re looking for the perfect wallpaper or paint colour, the unique and trendy dining room table, or the one of a kind bedroom set that will make your home stand out from all of the others.  After all, just because it looks exactly like those houses near you on the outside doesn’t mean that it can’t look great and unique on the inside, right?  If you’re looking for unique touches that will make your home look great without blowing your budget, here are a few things to consider, all of which revolve around home decorators.
First of all, make sure you have a good basis: wall colour.  In modern times, you can go from anything neutral to anything fluorescent.  Go with what makes you happy first, and then choose the right option for your room in your home by taking the samples from home decorators home and spreading them out while you and your loved ones make the right choice.  Once that’s down, you can look at accessories from home decorators as well.  If you choose a neutral colour, go for explosive, bright accessories in cushions and throws.  If you go with a bright colour on the wall, you’ll find that neutral coloured throws and cushions are much more suited to making a well put-together home.  Any home decorators will tell you the same thing.
A word on accessories.  When it comes to picking them out (including picture frames and a remote holder, for a few examples) make sure you stick with a colour scheme.  Unless you are going for a purposely mismatched look, you have to make sure that you stick with whatever scheme you’ve started, says home decorators.  This will make you look much better off and prove the fact that, yes, you know how to decorate.  It may take a while to get all of the pieces that you want, but you’ll get there eventually.  Stay patient and you’ll be rewarded with a professional and mature living area.  Home decorators know best!
When it comes to the bathroom, you can never go wrong with a great mirror.  Yes, that seems silly, but it’s a great statement piece that can spice up an otherwise somewhat boring room.  Leave it to the professional home decorators. You can go for a metallic look or a minimalist look or anything in between.  Anything like that helps spice up the bathroom a little bit.  Same goes for the storage options.  Go for brightly coloured options, or bright towels.  You need to make sure your bathroom looks and feels fresh so that your guests can see you take great care of your home.  Appearance is important even in the bathroom, as any professional home decorators will tell you.
In a study or bedroom, a statement chair goes a long way.  If you have an open concept room or just need to find a place for it, a big fluffy chair is a great option for using the space or giving the room an air of importance according to home decorators.  It’s also great for cuddling with the kids or snuggling up with a cup of hot chocolate.  Whatever you want to use it for, it’s great for looks and comfort.  So look around and find the right style and mood-creator for you.  It only takes one piece, say home decorators.
In the bedroom, the bed is an important thing to consider.  If you have a modern look to the room, make sure you match it with a modern bed frame.  Remember the earlier tip from home decorators to work everything together.  If you are looking at a more classic bed style, then make sure you match it with the room.  Having a disassociation between your room style and mood that you’re trying to set gives the impression that you’re just starting out in your first apartment and are taking all of the hand-me-downs that you can get.  Make sure you match them.
Consider your blinds choice as well.  There are vertical and horizontal options as well as the option of sleek shades or traditional Venetian styles.  There is every option under the sun, so stick with your mood and style very carefully say home decorators.  There is plenty of fun to be had with window coverings in general.  When it comes to picking our curtains, you have to consider your blinds/shade on top of the room style as well.  Make sure the curtains compliment everything and not just one option.  When a room is done correctly, it should all work together in an effortless style according to the professional home decorators.
Lastly, the kitchen.  Choose a great cupboard style when you need a fresh look.  Do it carefully, in that you choose one that is timeless so you won’t have to replace it every couple of years: classic is good, say home decorators around the world.  Wood accents always look great with heavy brassware and great black hinges.  You can get all sorts of paint options to match a wood grain, too.  You can go with light, average or dark wood grains to match your personal style.  Make sure the majority of your kitchenware and appliances all work together to form a good blend, as home decorators have taught you.  Again, this means color coordination.  You have to make sure you are very careful in how you design every aspect in your house because it all makes a difference in the big scheme, especially with professional home decorators.  It’s unrealistic to think that every last corn cob holder is going to match you wall colour, but try to keep majority of your supplies matching.  It helps create a put-together look, as we’ve been talking about.  Just do your best with your culinary supplies.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  The overall blend will be perfect enough, says home decorators.
Overall, decorating your home can be overwhelming as all home decorators know.  The best advice from home decorators is to simply take it one room at a time.  Start with something like the bathroom, which has minimal accessories, and then work your way into the other rooms of the house.  It’s your home and has to be your way.  So, get that paintbrush ready and have some fun.  You are one of the  home decorators after all.

16 Negative Space Manicures That Totally Equal A Positive

Negative space nails have been popular for some time now, but they're definitely a go-to trend for Fall 2015. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about this minimalist look, but after looking at these lovely designs, I'm starting to really like negative space! Negative space designs are perfect for long and short nails, and depending on the colors you use, the design can look simple or glam. After looking at these 16 negative space designs, you'll be craving negative space art for your next manicure. 

1. Negative space gives a minimalist feel to this incredibly detailed design.

2. This floral design with negative space chevrons is lovely! 

3. This is a cute way to incorporate negative space without it being the focal point of the manicure. 

4. The coral in this negative space color block really pops!

THC In Marijuana Delays Organ Transplant Rejection In Mice

A new study suggests the active ingredient in marijuana delays the rejection of incompatible organs in mice. The results were published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology.

For the study, researchers transplanted the skin from one group of mice to a group of genetically different mice. The incompatible skin was treated with either a placebo or THC, the active compound in cannabis.

Due to the genetically different nature of the transplants, the mice's immune systems should have recognised the tissue as foreign and rejected it. However, the THC-treated transplants delayed rejection of the skin grafts when compared to the placebo group.

"We are excited to demonstrate for the first time that cannabinoid receptors play an important role in the prolongation of rejection of a foreign graft by suppressing immune response in the recipient," said Mitzi Nagarkatti, co-author of the study from the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, in a statement.

If the same holds true for humans, THC could be used as an anti-rejection therapy – especially for patients whose transplanted organ is not adapting well to its new host. 

"This opens up a new area of research that would lead to better approaches to prevent transplant rejection as well as to treat other inflammatory diseases,” added Nagarkatti.

To delve into this connection further, the researchers examined the possible reason for this delayed rejection. It turns out, the active ingredient in marijuana reduced T-cell proliferation and decreased early stage rejection-indicator cytokines.

"More and more research is identifying potential beneficial effects of substances contained in marijuana, but a major challenge has been identifying the molecular pathways involved," said John Wherry, deputy editor of the Journal of Leukocyte Biology, in the statement. "These new studies point to important roles for the cannabinoid receptors as targets that might be exploited using approaches that refine how we think about substances derived from marijuana."

As this study was only performed on mice, more research is needed to determine if the results can be replicated in humans. Transplant patients should only use marijuana with their physician's consent and in accordance to local laws.


Canadian Paediatric Society re-affirms position against routine circumcision


The Canadian Paediatric Society has released an updated statement re-affirming its position against routine circumcision for newborn males.

The society said recent evidence about the potential health benefits associated with circumcision prompted them to undergo a review of the current medical research. Its last position statement on the matter was published in 1996.

While medical literature has pointed to potential health benefits of circumcision, including the prevention of urinary tract infections and some sexually transmitted infections, the benefits generally don't outweigh the risks, the society said.

"While there may be a benefit for some boys in high risk populations and the procedure could be considered as a treatment or to reduce disease, in most cases, the benefits of circumcision do not outweigh the risks," Dr. Thierry Lacaze, chair of the CPS Fetus and Newborn Committee, said in a separate statement released Tuesday.

The updated statement also included the following recommendations:

  • Parents of newborn males must receive the most up-to-date, unbiased and personalized medical information about circumcision, so they can weigh the risks and benefits in the context of their own familial, religious and cultural beliefs;
  • Parents who opt for circumcision should be referred to a practitioner who is trained in the procedure, and whose skills are up to date;
  • Newborns who are circumcised should be followed-up in the early post-surgery time period;
  • At the time of discharge from the hospital, parents should understand how to properly care for their son's penis, and be aware of possible complications.

Circumcision has become a contentious issue in Canada, as it raises ethical and legal considerations, in part "because it has lifelong consequences and is performed on a child who cannot give consent," the statement said.

However, waiting until a child is old enough to give consent can increase risks, as doctors recommend the surgery be performed within the first week of life.

While circumcision used to be quite popular in Canada starting in the 1950s, rates have declined over the past decades to the current average of 32 per cent, CPS said.

Syrian man pictured crying as his family landed in Greece finds refuge in Germany

Laith Majid and his family have arrived in Berlin, after images of the father tearfully clutching his children sparked awareness of Europe’s refugee crisis

A Syrian man who was pictured weeping as he and his family reached the Greek island of Kos last month has arrived in Berlin, it has been reported.

The family – Laith Majid, his wife, Nada Adel, their sons Moustafa, aged 18, Ahmed, 17, and Taha, nine, along with seven-year-old daughter Nour – travelled for weeks to reach Germany, Bild newspaper said.

The Facebook group Europe says Oxi posted a picture of the family in Berlin, smiling and laughing in sharp contrast to the images that last month prompted awareness of the mounting crisis as refugees headed for Europe’s borders.

The family are reported to be staying in Spandau, in the former Schmidt-Knobelsdorf police barracks, which have been adapted to house hundreds of refugees who have made their way to Germany.

Majid and his family had fled Islamic State in Deir Ezzor, a Syrian city beset by civil war violence since 2011, before boarding a flimsy inflatable raft – built for four people but carrying 12 – to Kos. They paid US$6,500 for the perilous trip across the water.

Daniel Etter, the photographer who took the image for the New York Times, reported: “When the boat landed, a middle-aged man got out. He was visibly shaken, and had a hard time walking. When all his family finally reached the safety of the beach, he and his wife broke down in tears, hugging every single one of their children.”

Etter helped the family to the main city of Kos, where refugees are processed by the Greek authorities, but later lost track of them.

Nada Adel, an English teacher in Syria, said 13 governments had offered to take them but they had decided on Germany. “Angela Merkel is very good,” she said. “She is like a mother for us.”

Merkel, the German chancellor, has said refugees from Syria can apply for asylum in Germany, rather than the first EU country they arrive in.

The family said seven-year-old Nour still has nightmares about their night spent crossing the water. “We’ll never go back to sea,” Majid told Bild.


Despicable? These 17 Minion Nail Designs Are Simply Adorable.


Enjoy Revolutionary Way of Living in Grand Heights

These minion nail designs are far from despicable. If you're a minion maniac, you'll want to try one of these manis right away. Minion nail designs are simple to do at home yourself and, as you'll see from the designs, are easy to personalize. Customize a minion nail design to match an upcoming holiday that will make all your friends stop and say, "Ooooooo". So grab a banana (hey, everyone needs a little extra potassium, right?) and your best yellow polish to design your own minion nails. 

1. The gang's all here!

Kevin, Stuart and Bob are here and ready to eat all the bananas. 

2. How to get the perfect minion nails

All it takes is 6 easy steps. 

3. A minion-mani

A cute way to change up this classic nail design.

4. These minions are fabulous

Make your minion nails really stand out with a little extra sparkle.

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